A moving true story of an 11-year-old boy who is responsible for raising his three younger siblings by himself…

11-year-old boy Juan Pablo, originally from Colombia, has three brothers, all of whom were raised without any knowledge of their biological father. They were entirely dependent on their mother for their upbringing.

However, one day their mother up and went without returning, and she hasn’t been seen since.

Juan waited for his mother to come back, but in the end, he was forced to face the harsh reality that she had abandoned the family and gone elsewhere.

In such case, what options are there for a kid of 11 years old? Everyone was taken aback when Juan began his new position as a ‘father’, since it was a complete surprise to everyone.

Every day, as was his custom, he would first accompany his brothers to school, and only after they were dropped off would he go to his own institution. After courses were over, Juan would go out to the crowded streets of Bogota in order to solicit financial assistance.

When he was unable to acquire money and there was no food at home, he was forced to search through garbage cans in quest of food waste that he could eat on the days when he was unable to collect money.

Juan does all in his power to guarantee the wellbeing each member of his family, and, because of how expertly he does it, no one is aware of the pain he goes through.

Up until a certain point in time, his neighbor was the only one who could hear the continual crying emanating from Juan’s residence. They had concerns about it, so they contacted the authorities.

When the police arrived to Juan’s residence to investigate the sounds of sobbing, they were in for a great surprise when they found out what was going on!

The fact that these four siblings have been living independently without the supervision of an adult was discovered by the authorities, and the length of time that they have been doing so is an even bigger mystery.

When they learned that Juan had been taking care of his siblings by himself, their amazement increased even more. It was all thanks to Juan’s efforts that all of them were well-fed, healthy, and seem like regular children to everyone with clean clothing to wear.

At first sight, Juan and his siblings seem to be no different from any of the other children we meet on the street, and no one would ever guess that their parents had deserted them in any way.

When the authorities examined the sound of sobbing, they discovered that it originated from one of Juan’s brothers who had fallen down and was in a great deal of pain as a result of the incident.

Since Juan’s mother had left him and his siblings, Juan has not moaned about the situation but instead has stepped up to the position of father, in which he has excelled. After learning of their predicament, the police made many attempts to get in touch with both of their parents, but to no effect.

The authorities eventually came to the conclusion that it would be best for these youngsters to be placed in the care of a family services organization, and they desired for Juan to resume his life as a kid.

They do not want Juan to have to deal with the adult responsibilities at such a little age.

Juan has without a doubt shown that he has a greater sense of responsibility than his parents ever did in their whole life. We have high hopes that Juan and his younger siblings will be better cared for in the welfare center, and that they will continue to have a good outlook on their life.

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