A nervous woman who is being followed by three men approaches a complete stranger and whispers “help” in his ear…

It goes without saying that being a woman is difficult. This is particularly true when a woman goes out late at night on her alone. There’s always a constant anxiety and paranoia that you’ll be in danger at any time. Women often find themselves holding their keys between their knuckles in case a creep passes by. Unfortunately, it may be rather frightening.

It’s not right, but it does happen, and it’s for real.
When this terrified woman noticed she was being followed by three odd men on the street, she decided to approach and hug a random stranger. He recognized what was going on there and walked her the rest of the way home.

Dane Weeks is the name of the strange guy that saved her. When the accident took place, he was on his way to a friend’s home in New York.

This strange woman suddenly approached him, hugged him, and whispered something in his ear.

Dane Weeks is the name of the completely stranger who ended up saving her life. When the incident happened, he was on his way to a friend’s home in New York.

“I was heading to the train station a few minutes ago when a woman approached me and hugged me tightly before whispering, ‘please pretend like you know me, three men are following me for a while.’ I joined in and then walked her the three blocks back to her house. This has been an incredible experience for the two of us,” Weeks said on Twitter.

Even though Weeks doesn’t often go that route, he was distracted by his phone and ended up going a different path. Consequently, he reasoned that he and the lady were supposed to be in that place at that moment as a result of this scenario.

“It’s amazing, I don’t even go down this street very often,” he said. “I generally take one route to the train station, but the route I went today was the one I go when I walk my dog.” But  I ended up taking this route to the train station that I rarely use. So it seems like I was supposed to be at the place at that precise moment.”

His contact information was shared with her, and he was more than happy to volunteer to walk her home anytime she needed it.

Later, he provided an update, stating that he had spoken with the woman once more and that she couldn’t thank him enough for his kindness. She said that the three men were staring at her while she was on the train, and that when she got off the train, they did as well.

They pursued her for two streets before she tried to flee into a shop.

In this situation, how did she feel about approaching another stranger and hugging him while she had three men following her? Weeks’ smile, it seems, was the one that made her feel comfortable and secure.

The fact that these kind of incidents happen at all is heartbreaking; yet, it is comforting to know that there are wonderful people like Dane Weeks out there in the world.

Hope to see more of it in the future!

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