A News Anchor Who Was Fired Because Of Their Gray Hair Receives Incredible Support From The Internet And Even…

The internet is now filled with heated discussion thanks to a video that shows a Canadian TV woman being dismissed from her job because of her gray hair.

Lisa LaFlamme, who is 62 years old, claims that she was “caught off guard” by the decision and that she is “still in disbelief.”

Even though having silver hair is considered a symbol of wisdom and experience, Bell Media opted to terminate her contract since she did not color her hair.

The choice left thousands of people on the internet speechless, and in response, they expressed their approval of her actions by posting comments and making postings on social media.

They maintained that this was not fair and that it was especially unfair to women of a certain age. Now, many other women are uploading images of themselves on social media with grey hair to demonstrate that she is not alone in her experience.

The lady has received support from major companies in her field, like Wendy’s and Dove, and Wendy’s has even modified its logo in an official show of solidarity with her.

Having gray hair is a sign of blessing since it demonstrates the knowledge that comes with age, respect, and experience in life.

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