A patient undergoing chemotherapy received regular soup deliveries from a chef for more than a year and then…

In Cary, Illinois, a well-known chef has created a friend out of one of his clients, a guy who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is now receiving chemotherapy. The renowned JC’s Cafe owes its reputation to the culinary prowess of Chef Juan Carlos Beristain.

The restaurant is well-known not just for the exquisite baked goods and coffee that it serves, but also for the hearty vegetable soup that it prepares. The chef prepares the soup from scratch every morning, sourcing all of the ingredients from the seasonal produce section of the neighbourhood farmer’s market.

Some of the vegetables that go into the soup include zucchini, butternut squash, yellow squash, parsnips, organic carrots, and sweet potato. The chef, who is 49 years old, shared his insight, saying, “As soon as people eat that soup, they fall in love with it, and it is a fantastic soup.”

Noah Dionesotes, a resident of Cary-Grove who lives just down the road and around 15 minutes away from the business, is considered to be a lover of the soup.

Because Noah suffers from multiple sclerosis and must use a wheelchair to move about, he was unable to make the journey to JC’s Cafe even if he had intended to do so.

JC’s Cafe, much like the majority of other companies, maintains a presence on Facebook. Noah, who is vegan, posted a remark on a community website about how much he enjoyed Juan Carlos’ veggie soup when he was going through the first round of his chemotherapy treatment.

Juan Carlos discovered, as a result of viewing his post, that Noah is unable to visit his restaurant as often as he would like due to his health. The nice chef immediately understood what he was required to perform in that very moment. Noah was given free delivery of the soup when Juan Carlos volunteered to bring it to him.

At first, Noah denied the offer, citing the fact that he didn’t believe it would be appropriate for him to accept assistance. Then, perhaps a year later and throughout further rounds of chemotherapy, he requested that his mother begin purchasing the soup on his behalf.

The cook then had the epiphany that it was high time for him to start being insistent. He inquired as to where Noah resided, after which he went on to personally bring the soup at Noah’s front door. He would not agree to accept any kind of remuneration for it.

“When other people are suffering, it truly hits home for me. I felt that I could assist him at least by giving the soup that he enjoys, with the nourishment that is going to benefit him.”

It turns out that the chef did not intend for the delivery of the soup to be a one-time-only occurrence in any way, and so, he gave his word that he would continue to bring him the soup, claiming that he wants to see Noah grow well.

He has been bringing Noah fresh bowls of soup many times a week while he is through chemotherapy for well over a year at this point. Juan Carlos has said that his father, who was “always a giver,” was the one who motivated him to do all he can to assist other people and make the world a better place.

Because of these unique soup deliveries, the two guys were able to learn more about one another, and eventually they were able to develop a relationship with one another. Noah referred to his close buddy by saying, “I believe the guy’s a saint… he’s an incredible individual.”

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