A Police Officer Hears a Woman Screaming Outside and Rushes Out of the Station Just in Time to Deliver the Baby…

An officer from the Fort Worth Police Department arrived on the scene just as a lady was giving birth in the vehicle she was traveling in. And he didn’t waste any time getting involved, offering assistance in every way he could.

Officer Rafael Salazar reflected on the event and commented, “I’ve never had experience in labor and delivery,” after realizing that he had just seen it.

Officer Rafael Salazar was conducting a virtual conference inside the Northwest Police Station when he became aware of a woman’s screams coming from the lobby. After that, he made the decision to step outside and look into it more.

And he discovered Marcus Townsend and Leah Reeves in their van, where Leah was already in the process of giving birth. Because Leah’s labor was moving so rapidly, the couple had to make a pit break before continuing on their trip to the hospital.

Marcus Townsend said that at that time, the infant had already begun to make progress toward exiting the birth canal.

Leah exerted a lot of effort in order to bring her child into the world, and Rafael did not waste any time in calling for medical assistance, which came just as she was finishing the process.

It is a blessing that Rafael was there to assist the couple while they were going through this memorable adventure.

“When we come in for our shift, we absolutely do not anticipate and cannot even fathom the possibility that we may be delivering a baby! Rafael stated. “It’s unquestionably something that will be ingrained in my memory forever.”

Leah had a healthy baby boy whom she named Renzo and who weighed 8 pounds and 14 ounces at birth.

Leah said that the birth of her baby was a “extraordinary” event, “it seemed to me like a time when the community came together,” she said.

Marcus Townsend, the boy’s father, said that his son would have the knowledge that the world is a kind place when he grows up. “That’s only one example of it,” he said.

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