A pregnant teen who made the decision to place her child for adoption was able to find him 33 years later when her daughter…

Melanie Pressley, who was just 18 years old when she got pregnant, was forced to make the most difficult choice of her whole life.

In spite of the fact that she wanted to raise the child, her ex-boyfriend was against the idea, claiming that he would not be a good parent and urging her not continuing the pregnancy.

The young mother couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning her kid, but she knew she couldn’t provide for them financially. In addition to this, she wished for the kid to be brought up by a married pair rather than a single parent.

Due to the fact that she was in a hopeless situation, she made the decision to give birth to the kid and then put it up for adoption.

On June 17, 1988, she gave birth to a handsome and robust baby boy.  Because she wanted the kid’s adoptive parents to be the ones to name him, she refrained from naming the infant herself.

In spite of the fact that doing so was strictly prohibited, she did it nonetheless and allowed her sister to photograph the priceless moment while the tiny kid was in her arms for a few seconds and this photograph served as Melanie’s only connection to her son for the last three decades.

She goes on to have three more children once she gets married and starts a family, however, she has never stopped thinking about her first son, and the day of June 17 in particular is a day on which she dwells primarily on him.

On the other side, Greg Vossler, who is her son, had a joyful upbringing with the family who adopted him. They began their lives together in close proximity to one another, but when he was seven years old, they relocated to Virginia, then, round the age of nine or ten, his parents broke the news to him that he was adopted into their family.

In his recollection, “They told me I was adopted when I was nine or ten years old, or somewhere in that range, and that the mother who gave me for adoption believed I would have a better life elsewhere.”

In spite of this, he had a happy life, was surrounded by people who loved him, and had no desire to find out more about his original parents.

At some point in his research, he came across characterizations of his biological parents, but he was unable to find their names or any other identifying information. In 2018, he made the decision to discover more about his ancestry by participating in a DNA test offered by the website 23andMe.

Rachel, Melanie’s daughter, was aware that her mother was struggling from the loss of her long-lost son and had a deep yearning to reunite with him for a very long time. As a result, she began searching for a solution that would allow the two to finally meet one another.

She gave her mother the 23andMe DNA test so that she could learn more about her mother’s genetics for the purpose of improving her mother’s health.

Rachel suggested that Melanie be tested for high-risk genes after learning that Melanie’s mother passed away from lung cancer despite the fact that she had never smoked or used alcohol.

In a few of days, the website identified Greg and Melanie as people who could be related to one other, then, almost immediately, Melanie sent a message to Greg in which she inquired about his age and birthday.

After confirming that he was born on June 17, the man’s half-sister came clean with the truth, which was that she thought she was the man’s original mother. They began communicating with one another through email, but then switched to texting.

The mother and son were eventually reunited this summer, 33 years after they had first been estranged from one another. When Greg and his family finally did meet Melanie and her family in Ohio, it was a bittersweet occasion for all of them.

His mother continued by saying the following: “When I was finally reunited with him, it was as if a piece of my heart had been missing all along.”

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