A school bus driver doesn’t think it’s a big deal when a photo is taken of her holding a boy’s hand until the police see it…

Because being away from one’s parents can be a terrifying incident for any child, many young children find it challenging to go to school by themselves.

This is especially true in the beginning, when they are adjusting to a new phase of their lives and are unsure of what to expect. As he got ready to start school, Axel Johnson couldn’t help but feel happy.

His mother Amy took a picture of him as he was waiting for the school bus, and in the picture, he is beaming with happiness.

When it was time for him to board, there was a change in his demeanor, and he appeared to be on the verge of crying. Axel was plainly not as strong as he imagined he would be when he had to split from his mother.

Isabel Lane, who was Axel’s bus driver, noted a shift in expression on his face from pleased to sad. Despite this, she was determined to convince him that riding the bus and going to school with a large number of children the same age as him was not dangerous.

Axel was sitting in the seat behind Isabel when she reached behind her to place her hand somewhere, and Axel grabbed it. Amy was able to capture on tape a wonderful moment at at the right time.

Amy felt the interaction between her kid and the bus driver was really interesting, so she wanted to post a snapshot of it on Facebook to share with her friends.

She anticipated that it would be warmly accepted, but she had no clue that it would be received in such a positive manner. After the picture was shared by the local police department, it was given more than 2,400 thumbs up by viewers.

The next day, Axel’s fear subsided significantly as he realized that Isabel was on his side and would look out for him. He was giddy with excitement and looking forward to the start of a whole new journey.

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