A Senior Citizen Wows Customers With Her Incredible Piano Skills At A Thrift Store…

The presence of a piano in the open air extends a welcome. Whether the invitation is intended (such as when an art display is set up in the middle of town to entice pedestrians) or not (such as when a piano winds up in a thrift shop), many individuals respond to the call.

However, it is quite uncommon to find a genuine artist who can sit down in front of a piano and provide genuine entertainment.

And if people stop what they’re doing to stare, it’s typically because the playing is either poor or unexpectedly wonderful, and they want to know who is responsible for the noise.

The Wallaceburg resident, who is 84 years old and is from Ontario in Canada, is full of surprises. When Fern Bezanson sat down at the ancient piano and began playing from memory, she stunned everyone.

However, it turned out, she is unable to read music, and everything that she plays is done so entirely by ear.

The old lady spoke the words, “I can’t understand it. When I was younger, whenever I heard a song, I was able to recognize it almost immediately.

She is very gifted musically, and the piano is not the only instrument that she has a firm grasp on. In addition to that, she can play the accordion.

Her life has been profoundly impacted by the music that she listens to. She and her late husband of almost half a century were both members of a band that went by the name “The Joymakers,” and that’s precisely what they did: they made people happy.

This pianist finds the sight of a piano to be an attractive call to play.

Bezanson is still active in the music scene, and his performances continue to bring smiles to the faces of individuals in nursing homes, hospitals.

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