A Singer Looks to Her Grandparents for Song Lyric Inspiration, and the Resulting Heartfelt Track Ends Up Becoming Viral…

Relationships, particularly romantic ones, can be challenging and complex terrain to navigate successfully. A young lady took some wise counsel she was given after the end of a romantic engagement and put it into a song, which has since gained a lot of traction on various social media platforms.

A recent edition of The Kelly Clarkson Show included an interview with singer and songwriter Shaylen, who hails from the city of Nashville.

Kelly used the opportunity to introduce her audience to Shaylen. Shaylen shed some light on the background of the lovely song “Do It Right the First Time,” which she wrote. A heartbreaking breakup was the beginning of everything.

“This is the person I believed I was going to marry and probably the toughest breakup that I went through,” Shaylen said.

The very first thing that came to Shaylen’s mind was to call or text her mother. But, her mother soon diverted her attention to a different source. “So, she is saying things like, “Call your grandparents, they have been married for a total of 75 years.”

Shalylen claimed that she boarded a plane and travelled out to see her grandparents so that she could spend some time with them and converse. Shaylen’s grandmother and grandfather imparted to her words of wisdom on relationships and significant people, which would later serve as inspiration for song lyrics.

I was like, ‘What’s the secret?’  She’s like, ‘You must laugh at everything because nothing is that serious in retrospect.”

The elderly man who raised Shaylen shared with her that when it comes to romantic partnerships, “giving it all you’ve got and being content with the outcomes” is the key to success.

“And my grandfather would say, “You have to do the best that you can.” Love your hardest. And there are instances when it’s possible that you won’t do it perfect the very first time, but that’s Fine because everything turns out the way it’s intended to.”

Shaylen also said that once she put her grandparents’ advise into a song and uploaded it to TikTok, the reaction was tremendous, and she “startled out” as a result of the overwhelming amount of positive feedback she received. She said that a good number of individuals had requested “Do It Right the First Time” to be played at their weddings.

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