A Single Father Who Needs help with His Health Struggles to Provide for His Family While Working Four Jobs – What he discovers when he opens his door leaves him unable to express himself…

There are many titles that Harley Harlington has. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a single parent, and a fighter. Even though he struggled with his health, he was a devoted father and grandpa who worked very hard to provide for his family.

After overcoming all of the challenges that life threw at him, it was finally time for Harley to be recognized for all of his hard work.

As a result, his daughter Robbin and his granddaughter Kirsten called Surprise Squad in the hopes that they might surprise Harley and make him feel valued. He has never known a time when he was not employed. He served in the Marine Corps in the past.

He finally managed to have a kidney transplant after what seemed like an eternity, and he is doing really well despite this setback. Kirsten was contacted by Monica Jackson, and the two of them made their way to the residence of Harley.

They gave him a bouquet of flowers and, after a brief discussion, Harley disclosed that he underwent a kidney transplant, which extended his life by between 25 and 30 years. “At one point in my life, in addition to operating a company, I was doing four jobs, you know, just so I could put food on the table and gifts under the Christmas tree.”

A significant portion of Harley’s driving consisted of transporting Kirsten to and from her place of employment. However, neither the air conditioner nor the heater in his car were functioning properly. Because of this, Jackson brought in Jose Gutierrez from Sudden Impact Auto Body.

Jose Gutierrez promised to repair the van’s air conditioning and heating, so Jackson introduced him to everyone.

After then, everyone in the group gave Harley a red box that had $1,500 inside of it. That was when he completely lost it and started crying, which caused Jackson and Kirsten to also start crying. “I am completely lost for words. “In all my years, I’ve never experienced anything like to this,” Harley said.

When asked for guidance, the father who raises his children alone suggests that people should prioritize their families, and particularly his children, above all other concerns. It only goes to show that helping others without expecting anything in return may result in a wealth of benefits.

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