A single mother takes in two young girls as foster children, and when she finds out that the girls have two younger brothers, she decides to adopt all four of them as she learned how they were treated…

Every kid has a right to receive affection and attention from their parents and other family members. However, unfortunately, not all children have the good fortune to have parents who are responsible and caring.

Because of this, foster parents like Melissa Servetz put in a lot of effort to ensure that the children in their care are loved and well taken care of in addition to meeting all of their requirements.

Formerly caring for foster children, Melissa Servetz is now raising her four children on her own.

She had fostered more than 56 children over the course of the preceding several years, but the two sets of foster siblings that she took in for the final time altered the course of the rest of her life.

She has a background in teaching and also spent five years working in social services; as a result, she has a passion for volunteering and assisting those in need.

She decided to end her career as a foster parent since she had cared for so many children throughout the course of her career. Her maternal instinct, on the other hand, urged her to give it one more go and bring up another foster child.

She had no idea that her last attempt at fostering would end up providing her with the most contentment of all of her previous endeavors.

When Servetz first learned about the children who were looking for a family, she was working as a teacher at Tampa Bay.

They were going through the process of being evicted from their house and were under the care of an organization. She dialed the number for her agency, and the staff there verified that the kids need a foster family.

Matthew and Emerson are the two boys that complete the family of the two females.

Servetz did not want to break the close link that existed between the siblings, and because of this, she made the decision to adopt all four of them at the same time.

At first, she was required to use extreme caution while interacting with the children.

They had all been through horrific memories, notably Jade and Destiny, who had been mistreated.

She also provides support to those who are considering adopting a child or becoming a parent.

It’s not easy to offer your house and your heart to strangers, but if you have it in your heart to do so, great!

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