A six-year-old child uses his allowance money to take his mother out to supper once a month, as his mom had some…

Even though Lyle Drummonds is just six years old, this little child already has quite the reputation as a gentleman.

Lyle makes a point to take his mother out to dinner once a month, and he even uses his allowance money to cover the cost of the meal. Nikkole Paulun, Lyle’s mother, claims that her son has already acquired some of the manners and responsibilities that are expected of a gentleman.

“He helps me by opening doors and pulling out my chair. He also speaks about his day and asks how mine went,  as well as leaves a gratuity for the server or waitress,” Paulun stated in her post on Facebook.

Nikkole even said that they strictly adhere to a “no devices” policy during their evening meal outings, i’m teaching him how to have decent table manners, as well as the fact that it’s impolite to sit on your phone on a date with your mother or with anybody else,” I said.

Paulun said that she came up with the idea of mother-son dinner dates as a means of teaching her young son the significance of treating women with respect at an early age. Paulun said that the horrible treatment she had received in the past was the impetus for her decision to begin the dinner dates.

“I know so many females who are mistreated, and I didn’t want my kid to grow up to be like that, so I proposed that we begin going on mommy-son dates, and he was really enthusiastic about the concept, and he still is.”

Paulun’s lectures on respect and good manners are “working well,” according to her, as Lyle is applying the etiquette he acquired on their dinner dates to his interactions with others at school. For the time being, this is good enough.

“I have seen him using his manners in every situation. He makes a habit of asking visitors questions about themselves and their lives whenever they stop by. It’s very adorable,” Paulun added.

It would seem that Lyle would mature into a gentleman in every sense of the word.

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