A starving dog was discovered on an island in the photograph. What he did was extremely moving.

Anyone will be moved to tears by this story.

Wesley White is a professional photographer, and this time his work took him to Belize, where he decided to visit a very picturesque archipelago of islands while also taking a few photographs.

He didn’t have much time because he had an outing planned.

He had planned to kayak to a small island from the start of the trip, and when he arrived, he noticed a dog wandering in a fishing shack that appeared to be completely abandoned.

The animal was completely exhausted, skin and bones in the literal sense of the word, and at the same time he was very friendly and even wagged his tail.

The man wanted to call for help, however, the island was deserted.

It was obvious that the dog would not survive another hungry day and he decided to immediately proceed to his rescue.

He dropped the dog into his kayak and quickly returned, as if he had tightened, the animal’s condition would have been even worse.

As soon as he reached the hotel, he immediately called for help.

He was lucky that people reacted quickly and brought food for the dog, and then delivered him to the veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian was in touch with White and gave information that the dog was recovering very quickly.

He spent two months on overexposure and was met by the savior in Texas.

It is a great joy that fate brought the man to the dog and, most interestingly, the dog remembered him and rushed into his arms.

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