A street musician in Los Angeles whose drums and vehicle were stolen receives a new set of drums and a truck courtesy to Metallica…

Anthony Sheriff, a street performer, has been putting a smile on people’s faces with his energizing rhythms for the last five years.

The traveling one-man band is better known to the people of Los Angeles, California, as “Sheriff Drumman.” He has converted the back of his cherry-red Ford F-350 truck into a mobile stage that houses his large 13-piece drum equipment, speakers, and a sign with his name on it.

The singer and expert builder, who had previously had an appliance firm, spent almost six years transforming the car into the ideal platform for his high-energy shows. It was the source of his whole and complete satisfaction.

Additionally, the drums served as the sheriff’s only means of support. After going through his second divorce in 2016, which left him unable to sleep, he came up with the concept of a portable sound machine.

He shared his thoughts by saying, “It means everything to me.  Had I not played drums, the course of my life would have taken an entirely different path. It can’t be said any other way than that. It’s my way of relieving stress, having fun, and living my life.”

The majority of Sheriff’s revenue comes from his musical performances. Because he plays in open air venues, his revenue continued to rise even throughout the epidemic.

Up until the 3rd of December in 2021, Sheriff has been enjoying a lot of success. He went out of his house one morning to find that his vehicle had gone into thin air, and he couldn’t explain how it happened.

During the early hours of the morning, someone had taken everything, including his priceless drum gear. “My neighbors saw me pass out in front of them. I immediately began screaming, and I was begging for aid as if I had been hurt by someone.”

The sheriff posted an appeal to his followers on social media, pleading with them to assist him in locating and reclaiming his vehicle.

A few days later, the authorities discovered his vehicle abandoned on the train lines with all of its belongings taken out. The battery had failed, the glass had been shattered, the hood had been dinged up, and the paint job had been marred.

The sheriff has just installed a battery in the vehicle so that he may drive it, but he is aware that it will take some time before all of the missing equipment can be replaced.

As a result of being forced to postpone numerous upcoming engagements, Sheriff experienced significant financial hardships. He said, “This is how I provide for my loved ones. This is how I spend my days and this is how I stay true to myself.

Thank goodness, somebody paid attention to his pleas for assistance. Donors provided assistance to him in rebuilding his drum equipment and replacing the customized features on his vehicle.

The expenses of the specialized equipment for the car were partially covered by Guitar Center, as well as by an anonymous contributor.

Nevertheless, the cost of replacing the drums would be significant. The Sheriff estimated that the entire cost of all of his equipment and extras was somewhere north of $80,000.

In walks Metallica, undoubtedly one of the most successful bands in the history of heavy metal.

It would seem that the band became aware of what had occurred to Sheriff and made the decision to provide a helping hand by providing a brand new drum set. The exciting news was delivered in person to the drummer by a representative of the band on a visit to Hollywood.

A speechless sheriff conveyed his gratitude by saying, “Man, thank you all so lot.

I am grateful that you have invested both your time and money in supporting and assisting the work that I undertake.”

The next day, Metallica sent him a response to his tweet with the following message: “We’re thrilled to be able to assist out a fellow musician. Drumman for the Sheriff, please keep the song going!

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