A teen who believed that his constant dribbling annoyed neighbors was in for a pleasantly surprising revelation…

A neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, banded together to assist a teenage neighbor who aspired to play in the NBA in his development of his basketball talents.

Anthony Muobike, who is 14 years old, has a deep love for basketball, and in order to hone his talents and become the greatest player he can be, the young man spends several hours a day dribbling the ball on the driveway of his house.

Anthony was concerned that his persistent dribbling would irritate his neighbors, but the reality was quite the opposite: his neighbors genuinely noticed him, and they believe he has what it takes to be a successful basketball player.

A local resident called Ian Ray, who has lived in the area for almost 13 years, was motivated to put out a call for assistance on Facebook after being inspired by his commitment. In order to provide Anthony with a hoop at which he could practice his throwing, he enquired of his family and friends as to whether or not they had a basketball net that they were no longer making use of and were prepared to part with.

According to Ian, when Anthony is not dribbling, he spends his time walking his dog or observing his siblings. He said that the other individual was a “nice kid.”

In addition to giving Anthony a used hoop, members of the community pooled their resources to get Anthony a brand new hoop, and Ian was able to amass a staggering $750 as a result of their generosity.

Because Ian’s article received such a large amount of attention, the local location of Canadian Tire became aware of it, and the corporation made the kind decision to give some ambitious athlete a brand new net!

The funds that were received were used toward the purchase of a gift card from the Canadian company Sport Chek so that Anthony may add more gear to his collection in order to further support his goals of becoming a professional basketball player.

Anthony is pleased and says that he couldn’t believe it when he found out that his neighbors got together to get him a basketball net.

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