A tennis player interrupts the game to check on the well-being of the ball boy, though, at the end, she…

Jodie Burrage, the tennis player competing at Wimbledon, stopped her match when she saw something was wrong with the ball boy and went to help him.

The tennis tournaments at Wimbledon are watched by millions of people across the globe on television and are often attended by notable figures, including members of the Royal Family and celebrities.

The United Kingdom is the site of this prestigious annual tennis competition, which is contested exclusively by the highest-ranked professional tennis players in the world.

The champion of this event takes home the prized trophy as well as the top prize of several million Euros.

Therefore, when Jodie Burrage, who is 23 years old and hails from Britain, saw that a Ball Youngster was looking pale, she didn’t wait for others to assist out; rather, she stopped everything in order to deliver water and snacks from her bag to the boy and make sure he was feeling better.

As a result of what happened, play was stopped for ten minutes, and it didn’t start back up again until the ball boy had been assisted off the court.

When questioned why she did what she did, Burrage said that she “simply reacted way I imagine anybody would. I just tried to be of assistance to him in every way I could”.

Despite the fact that Burrage ultimately lost the match against her opponent Tsurenko, she gained the hearts of many people thanks to the kind gesture she performed. Later, she will compete again, this time in the doubles event.

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