A TikTok star has raised $200,000 for the daughter of an Uber driver who assisted her when she was robbed at a music festival…

Becca Moore, a TikTok influencer, went to Coachella with the intention of having a night filled with enjoyable music and shenanigans. However, things took a turn for the worst when her wallet, phone, and rental keys were stolen from her.

Becca was left without a transportation, without money, and without a way to contact her loved ones after the event that was hosted in Indio, California. Her friend’s hotel arranged for an Uber to pick her up so that she could make it to the nearby shop and get a new phone. Raul Torres, who serves as her driver, came to get her.

Becca would subsequently come to the conclusion that it was no accident that their paths had intersected. Raul, who lives in Fresno, California, is not your average Uber driver; he is the kind of driver that goes above and beyond to assist anybody who is in need.

Becca said that he insisted on entering the building with her and also made certain that she would have a transport home after the event. Because she was unable to access her existing plan, she was unable to get a new phone, as a result, she was left without a phone.

She filed a complaint at the local police station after Raul accompanied her there. They were successful in locating the Airbnb rental where the robber was hiding out thanks to the assistance of the police. They were allowed to go inside the room by the police in order to look for the phone, but they were unsuccessful.

Becca and Raul, who were both disappointed, decided to take a break from their search by buying some margaritas, which Raul would pay for “simply because he’s an angel on this Earth,” as his appreciative passenger explained it.

Raul revealed that his daughter, Mayra, had been fighting cancer and going through chemo as the two of them were getting to know one another better over cocktails. Because of this, he is now employed by Uber as a driver.

Becca revealed this information in a different TikTok video, saying, “He told me all he wants is for his daughter to have a regular conclusion to her senior year, and to be able to attend to significant events like prom and graduation.”

Raul was also taking care of his father, who was battling illness at the same time. Becca’s admiration for the driver increased as she learned the reason for his choice to devote the whole of his day to ensuring that she arrived at her destination without incident.

The two individuals continued their hunt after they had finished their beverages. After being driven back to the robber’s Airbnb by Raul, she was able to locate her phone on top of the gate where it had been left.

Becca thinks the robber gave up after discovering that the police were engaged in the investigation. Becca was able to get her phone, but Raul wasn’t through yet. In addition to that, he assisted her in reserving a rental vehicle so that she could drive herself back home.

She said that Raul quit his position driving for Uber early that morning so that he could spend the day assisting her without demanding anything in return.

It was Becca’s duty to help out the Good Samaritan this time around since it was her turn. She appealed to her 800 thousand TikTok fans to contribute to the GoFundMe account she had established for Raul. To this day, it has brought in more than $200,000!

“When I was in the vehicle, it looked like both of us were so concentrated on the circumstance I was in. We never got beyond the topic of my acquiring a phone or other inconsequential matters throughout our conversation.

The notion that his daughter and his father were the ones who needed assistance was utterly lost on him.”

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