A tweet referring to Dua Lipa as the “Cher of Our Generation” provokes a response from Cher…

There has only ever been one Cher, and the icon herself is here to clear up any confusion about her existence.

This past week, a tweet that went viral referred to Dua Lipa as “the Cher of our time,” and Cher herself replied to the remark.

The original post, which has since been removed, compared an image of Dua Lipa to one of Cher and drew attention to the similarities between the two singers, including their long, black hair and dazzling costumes.

And when one user remarked, “So much truth in one Tweet,” Cher was unable to hold back her response.

She commented, “How many years are in a generation?” along with the thinking-face emoji to remind people that while they may both have similar looks, Cher is still a dominant force in the music business.

After deleting the tweet, the original creator then posted a clarification on their account, saying, “Well I’m truly sorry for the whole Cher x Dua situation.

I was just praising their looks and promoting the edit.” This was in reference to a video that also compared some similar fashion moments between Dua Lipa and Cher.

The user added that even after her response, there was absolutely no bad blood with Cher, writing, “I truly believe cher didn’t mean anything bad with her reply.”

Other users weighed in on the drama as well, with some stating that they found the comparison to be disrespectful to Cher’s iconic background and others defending the post for drawing an innocent parallel between two great artists.




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