A veteran of World War II, who had lost everything in the fire, was devastated until the moment he found out…

Paul has experienced loss and sorrow, just like any other person who has had the blessing of living to an elderly age, however, in spite of this, Paul is able to maintain a sense of happiness and humor, even in the wake of his most recent setback.

Paul was getting ready for bed one night when the fire broke out in his house. When Paul emerged from his restroom and opened the door to his bedroom, he saw that everything was pitch dark.

However, the moment he drew a breath, he realized that his house was on fire  and made his way out the rear door by crawling.

The home was destroyed in the fire, and only a select handful of Paul’s belongings were saved.

And within just a few days, the city notified Paul that he would not be permitted to restore what was left of his house since so much of the older home did not fulfill the rules for construction that are in effect today and what was left standing had to be demolished.

Following the fire that destroyed the veteran’s home, donations have been sent from people all around the United States.

After hearing Paul’s story, his fellow Marines and a great number of other people were motivated to assist him in any way that they could.

Paul has moved into a modest apartment, where he is doing rather well in his new life.

Even though he’s been around for 94 years and has seen a lot, there are always fresh things for him to explore and learn.

“I’ve come to realize that there are a great number of decent individuals in our world, “Paul said “I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

On the GoFundMe page, neighbors talk about Paul, adding that he is an exceptionally optimistic person.”

He explains, “Every morning when I open my eyes, I have the choice to be happy or unhappy. I may as well make the choice to be happy”.

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