A video of an elderly man surprise his wife with flowers at the airport has quickly gone viral…

Not because of the airport itself, but because of the people who are in it, the airport is likely to be one of the most intriguing locations you will ever visit.

When you are in one, you will be surrounded by people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The airport is also the location of the most joyful reunions and the saddest separations that may ever take place.

At the Van Nuys FlyAway terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, Valerie Jane was waiting to board the shuttle when she observed an old guy who stood out from the crowd of others who were also present at the airport.

This is due to the fact that the guy in question was simultaneously carrying a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates in his hands. It was obvious that Bernard Mills, who was 80 years old, was waiting for his wife to arrive.

When Valerie saw the guy standing there, anxiously awaiting the return of his love, it caused her heart to completely melt. As a result, she took out her phone and began filming him in the hopes of capturing the tender moment when they were reunited.

Carolyn, Bernard’s wife, showed up shortly afterwards after some time had passed. The cute couple couldn’t help but break out in the widest grins as soon as they laid eyes on one another.

The adorable video clip that Valerie posted on YouTube quickly became quite popular, as was to be anticipated.

The fact that Bernard and Carolyn have not been together for a very long time comes as a surprise to many people. After almost half a century of marriage each, both of them eventually lost their partners.

In 2007, they started communicating via the online dating platform eHarmony, and three years later, they decided to be married.

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