A week before her ideal wedding, the bride stays quiet about the fact that she was diagnosed with breast cancer…

Charlotte Drake had been looking forward to getting married to her long-time boyfriend Luke in May of 2014, but just one week before the big day, she received the saddest news she had ever heard in her whole life.

“Ever since I was a small kid, I’d been making preparations for my wedding,” she stated.

Following the announcement that Luke had proposed to her, Charlotte immediately began making plans for the wedding of her dreams and devoted her whole attention and concentration to the endeavor.

She was just a week away from being married when she received the devastating news that she had breast cancer.

“Even now, it’s hard for me to believe I really had cancer”. She said, “When I was diagnosed, I was 30 years old; I had no family history of the disease; I didn’t smoke; I just sometimes drank; and I was in excellent condition.”

“Just a few minutes before I walked into the hospital to get my results, I was wracking my brain trying to decide which color dress to purchase online for my honeymoon. Within the next hour, I was informed that I had cancer.

Fearing that she had “ruined his life,” she next shared her concern with Luke, her parents, her sister, and her bridesmaids. She said, “I was sure that this was the end for me, and I told Luke that I did not believe that we should be married.”

“I was afraid that I had damaged his life and that he would end up marrying someone else after I passed away.”

In spite of this, the couple made the decision to go through with their wedding.

“However, he was incredible and assured me that we would go with it regardless of the outcome.”

Despite this, Charlotte worked hard to maintain a happy attitude up to the day of her wedding, “as the day of our wedding drew closer, I recall thinking that this could be the last time that people get to see me looking my very best, so let’s make it a day to remember,” she said.

Charlotte had surgery to remove her tumor only three days after her wedding, and she immediately started both chemotherapy and radiation treatment following the operation.

Her ovaries were permanently damaged as a result of the procedure, and she was only successful in removing two eggs, both of which were of poor quality. During that time, Charlotte was concerned that her hope of one day becoming a mother had been shattered.

Fortunately, she became pregnant after undergoing just one round of IVF, and today the couple is the proud parents of a gorgeous little boy named Henry who is seven months old.

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