A woman committed robbery at a local shop, but the owner declined to inform the police. Instead, he was just going to send her one message…

Being a small company owner in today’s world requires a lot of heart since it is not an easy endeavor, and every business choice may have an influence on things that are personal to the owner.

As a result of this, when the owner of Rocco’s Pizzeria, Damian Penner, discovered that his little business had been looted, he had a very clear message for the thief.

A mother and her four young children were seen at Rocco’s just lately. It wasn’t until after they departed that they noticed the lady had also made off with stacks of frozen pizzas. The children were a distraction, and the mom was angry.

Rocco’s is a well-established company in the area; in addition to being a restaurant that welcomes children and families, owner Rocco Penner also makes an effort to collaborate with local events for the purpose of fundraising and other charitable activities.

Therefore, Penner made the decision to talk to the lady not just as a thief but also as a member of the community that he cared about.

“To the woman who made off with eight ready-to-bake pizzas the other night: We do not know the circumstances you are in and don’t know whether it was malicious or to feed your children,” he commented on Facebook.

“But if you need support in any case, please ask for it. Because they are young, easily influenced, and still learning, your children are not mature enough to continue assisting you in stealing from other people.

Despite the fact that you may believe there is no other option, you are still required to take on the role of a parent, and you cannot set such an example for your children.

Penner said that he would not share her photo and would not go to the police, but he asked her to come out and seek for assistance once again.

The community responded with an outpouring of encouraging remarks, and a few days later Penner found who the lady was on social media; nevertheless, she has not stepped forward nor contacted Penner.

“The woman has not come in, but there is still a chance that she has sought assistance from a third party on her own! Cheers to the expectation that!” The Penners were taken aback—in a good way—when they saw that their article had gone viral and received such kind feedback.

Penner said that despite the fact that they would never know for certain, in his opinion, the choice they made was one that had the greatest possibility of leading to a favorable conclusion.

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