A woman gives birth to her 16th child and then declares that despite the fact that most people don’t agree with her…

A woman who is already a mother to 15 kids has just given birth to her 16th kid; the names of all of her children begin with the letter ‘C’. She said that she modeled them after her husband, whose name also begins with the same letter as the characters in the books.

Patty Hernandez, who is 39 years old and is from Charlotte in the state of North Carolina in the United States, is carrying on an interesting family tradition by giving her son the name Clayton.

Patty said, however, that she and her husband had a difficult time coming up with fresh names beginning with the letter ‘C’ before birth of their last son. “We couldn’t find the proper name but then ‘Clayton’ suddenly jumped into my brain” .

“We have chosen to give all of our children names that begin with the letter ‘C,’ and we want to maintain it that way. My husband’s name is Carlos, therefore please accept this as a homage to him.”

Although the mother said that her most recent pregnancy was the most difficult one, she is still open to the possibility of having further children. Patty, who is the sole proprietor of her own cleaning business, said that she believed that her large family was a “gift” from God, though a lot of people would not agree with her.

On May 5, Carlos was there to support his wife as she gave birth to their son, Clayton, who weighed 3.6 kilograms.

Patty said that the majority of the staff at the hospital remembered her when she was admitted to the facility to give birth and that the people had the attitude of “You were here last year, we see you every year.”

Patty and her husband presently spend over US$13 million every two weeks on the food that their children consume, but she makes it clear that they do not get financial assistance from the government.

The couple’s earnings from their cleaning firm are sufficient to cover their monthly expenses, and they have high hopes that their oldest son, Carlos Jr., who is now 13 years old, will soon be able to contribute to the family business.

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