A woman of 23 adopts 13 daughters BEFORE she gets married, and afterwards she introduces them to their new “dad…”

Katie Davis, who at the time was just 18 years old, did something that the majority of other women her age would not do.

The former homecoming queen and president of the senior class had a myriad of opportunities awaiting her after graduation, but she made the decision to forego them all in favor of a life that very few people can even fathom.

When Katie was in the final month of her senior year in high school, she went on a mission trip to Uganda. While she was there, God impressed new desires on her heart and showed her a new kind of possibilities.

After spending time in prayer and seeking God’s direction on her plans for the future, Katie made the decision to pass up university and keep her yellow convertible.

Instead, she took up a position as a volunteer kindergarten teacher at an orphanage in Uganda for the duration of one year. In 2008, Katie made the decision to make Uganda her permanent home.

She established what is known as Amazima Ministries, which gets its name from the Ugandan word “amazima,” which translates to “truth.” The organization seeks to restore broken lives and relationships, as well as change local communities.

By the time Katie was 23 years old, she had adopted and brought up as her own a total of 13 little girls, becoming a mother to all of them in the process.

“I had no idea the crazy, heartbreaking, uncontrollable love I would feel for children in those early days of laying sleepy heads on pillows and educating tiny hearts.

I had no clue that when I looked at them, I would sometimes feel so much love in my chest that it would literally ache my heart.”

When Majors first saw each other, he just arrived in Uganda to begin his work as a missionary. Both of them were born and reared in Franklin, which is located in Tennessee.

Katie writes on her blog that their common hometown consisted of “just a few hilltops” to prevent their teenage lives from ever intersecting.

Katie did not have any of her sisters or friends serve as bridesmaids when the couple was married in 2015, but she did have thirteen gorgeous ladies who continue to be living testimony of the constancy, restoration, and love.

“Uganda is where my spouse, our three children, and I have made our home.” The people who reside here include some of my close friends and members of my family.

These are the streets on which we reside; these are the people I wave to as I go down the street; these are the members of the community with whom we worship; these are the friends with whom we dine.

My house is just here in this neighborhood. You are able to accomplish the same things that I do here, just where you are.:

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