A Woman Who Has An Extremely Rare Condition Recounts the Emotional Story of Her Life and Love…

Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also referred to as brittle bones, is an extremely uncommon ailment that Kristin Victoria Victoria was born with.

She has a height of 3 feet and 6 inches, and she is a light of hope for all handicapped individuals who find life to be exceedingly tough and question whether it is even worth living.

Doreen, her mother, claims that when she was born, the doctor told her that their baby would have a lot of problems. She claims that her body is filled with metal and that she has plenty of rods to help strengthen her bones as a result of the many surgeries that she has had.

When Kristin first started talking to the man who would become her husband, Mike, online 14 years ago, it wasn’t clear from her profile picture that she had a disability.

Even after she told him about it, he didn’t believe that she needed a wheelchair until he actually saw her in person.

According to him, Kristin is a very self-reliant young lady, and the topic of her impairment was never brought up while they were dating.

They attended dancing classes together before they were married, and she is very grateful to Mark for becoming her husband. According to Mark, Kristin lives her life exactly like a typical lady, doing all that she would ordinarily do on any given day.

Mark and Kristin have caught the travel bug and love to check out new locations, which is something that Kristin had never believed she would be able to do before meeting Mark.

However, they have overcome all types of social stigma and are now blissfully enjoying their lives traveling because of it.

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