A woman makes a request on Twitter to find her a suitable partner for her upcoming wedding. After Two Years, the Guy Who Responded Does This…

After a breakup that left her without any wedding date, Madison O’Neill turned to Twitter in order to find a suitable replacement. She was completely unaware of the fact that two years later, she would be engaged to the guy who had offered to be her plus one at the event.

She posted a question on Twitter, “Would anybody be interested in becoming my date to a wedding the next day?” although she did not anticipate receiving any responses. Charlie Dohrmann, who had been Madison’s buddy in high school, saw this as a potential opening.

She went on to explain that “in high school, he thought I was attractive but never had the confidence to speak to me, but after seeing that tweet, he saw it as an opportunity and thought, “Hey, why not?”

In a direct message that Charlie sent to Madison, he asked if he could be her plus one, and despite the fact that she had her doubts about him, she chose to take a risk on him.

They both had a fantastic time, and the date did not in the least bit make either of them feel awkward. Soon after the wedding, the two started a serious relationship with one other.

After being together for two and a half years, Charlie asked the question to Madison in San Diego, where he was stationed while serving in the Navy.

She stated, “At first, I thought he was kidding, but then I went out when I realized he wasn’t, we’ve gone full circle.”

Twitter was the first place that Madison and Charlie ever spoke with one another after she made the decision to share her story there.

When she tweeted about how she and Charlie first connected with one other, users lauded Charlie’s bravery and the couple’s adorable first encounter.

Madison said “It’s great to see so many people wishing us well and complementing us on our beautiful tale. There is no question that it is contributing to the overall excitement of the event.”

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