A Young Boy with Limited Time Left Made One Wish, Which Caused Hundreds of Strangers Dressed for Halloween to Appear…

A Halloween party was held six weeks early for a particular 5-year-old patient who is fighting terminal cancer.

The party was organized by the whole neighborhood. This courageous youngster, Alexandros Hurdakis, has been battling cancer for the last four and a half years. When asked what he would truly want to do, he said that he’d like to go and check out some monsters.

Alex’s parents, Nick and Kira, came up with the idea to celebrate Halloween with him as a way to fill his remaining time with joy and significance. Although Alex’s family resides in Hamilton, Ontario, he really wanted to go with his friends to a haunted attraction near Niagara Falls.

The oncologists, however, were of the opinion that the 5-year-old patient with terminal cancer could not go so far.

Therefore, rather of going to him, a friend of the family brought the creatures to him. Paula requested her Facebook friends for contributions of Halloween decorations so that she could build a haunted house in Alex’s garden.

There was a lot of talk about Paula’s “time-sensitive” request in a very short amount of time. For the parade that was going to be held in honor of Alex, she urged volunteers to dress up in character and decorate their automobiles.

Soon enough, there were face painters and food vendors volunteering their services for the event that would take place on September 14.

Paula anticipated that there would be a total attendance of 300 persons, she couldn’t have been more incorrect!

There were far more attendees. An amazing evening was had by Nick and Kira, Alex, and both of Alex’s children, Kostas, age 8, and Eirene, age 2.

Nick Parry, a photographer, and Sadie Martin, a filmmaker, took photos and videos of the event, respectively.

There is no question that Alex’s family will cherish the memories that they have both physically and digitally preserved for a very long time to come.

Nick shared his observations, saying, “He was incredibly pleased, waving and high-fiving everyone despite the fact that he was fatigued.” We had no idea that this would happen.

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