A young kid who did not have enough money to pay the whole price apologized to the driver, who then offered him some vital advise…

Jonee Canada saw the kid coming towards the driver of the jeep as he immediately jumped inside the vehicle and apologized for the fact that he did not have enough money to pay for the journey.

The youngster addressed the driver by saying, “Brother, this is just my fee.” The young man handed the driver a coin worth five pesos, which is equivalent to 0.096 US dollars.

After then, the driver looked at the coin that was being held by the little child. When he saw that the youngster did not have enough money, he gave the small boy a ride for free. He did this since he felt bad about the boy’s financial situation.

The little lad couldn’t contain his excitement at learning that he could ride the jeep to go to his school and throughout the whole voyage, he did not cease expressing gratitude to the driver.

The driver of the jeep offered some words of wisdom to the little child, telling him, “Toto, you have five pesos for you and study if it’s good, alright.” He continued by saying, “Don’t get into an argument with a fellow student.”

After witnessing the touching event, Jonee made the decision to write a post about it on her Facebook page.

She was moved by the thoughtfulness of the jeep driver, who, despite the fact that the youngster lacked sufficient funds, provided him with a free trip to school so that he could get there in a secure manner.

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