A young lady has extended an invitation to the firefighter who saved her life when she was a baby and rescued her from a burning house…

In June of 2015, a reunion became so popular that it shattered the internet and the reason for this was that it was one of the most heartwarming reunions ever to take place between two individuals who had never been true strangers to one another but had not met until much later in life.

The fire that occurred at Dawnielle Davison’s house in Wenatchee, Washington, took place when she was just nine months old. However, her life was saved from the blaze by a courageous fireman who rushed into her bedroom to rescue her from the burning crib where she was trapped.

When she was in the seventh grade, she got an unexpected message on Facebook from a person who, to her knowledge, she had never before encountered in her whole life. She had no idea that the gentleman who rescued her was Mike Hughes, a former fire captain. He was the one who is credited with saving her life.

Davison confessed that she did not know anything about the events that took place on that day seventeen years ago. Davison was well aware that she could not put her faith in just anybody, so in order to validate her decision to trust him, she put him to the test.

“I wrote her a card that read, ‘I believe I pulled you out of a fire when you were a baby, and then she handed me a quiz… He added that in her response, she asked, “Oh yes, what was my mom doing?”

Hughes said that his response had been, “Well, she was at work and your dad was there.”

After hearing from Davison’s parents that everything was true, she eventually responded to Hughes’s message, and since then, the two of them have developed a strong friendship. In point of fact, Hughes would accompany Davison to her track meetings in order to show her support and cheer her on.

Davison was aware that Hughes was not like any other buddy since he was the one who had previously rescued her. Consequently, when the time came for one of the most significant turning points in her life, she made certain that he would be present for it.

Once she had successfully completed her high school education, she extended an invitation to him to attend her graduation ceremony. For his part, Hughes acknowledged that the invitation to attend Davison’s graduation was something that made him glad.

“I thought it was incredibly kind of her to invite me. That’s just extremely unique for her to recognize me and be thrilled about it,” he remarked, ” Boy, that’s one cool kid.”

Hughes recalled what Davison said in the letter that she sent him inviting him to her graduation, “she said things to the effect of, ‘I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and your team.'”

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