According to a source, Brad Pitt does not develop a serious relationship with the divorced mother of the toddler in order to preserve his bond with his six children with Angelina Jolie…

For a good portion of the early 2000s, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were considered to be Hollywood’s “It Couple.” Despite the fact that they were successful in raising six children together, their marriage could not survive the test of time.

Their marriage ended in divorce after a number of years of marriage, during which time they had highs and lows in their relationship. They seemed to be doing a good job of co-parenting recently until Brad’s interest in another lady threw them off.

Angelina filed for divorce in 2016, barely two years after the couple tied the knot, stating that they could not reconcile their differences. She did not put in a request to get alimony or child support from him. Brad was taken aback by the divorce.

When asked how he felt about the fact that his wife and longtime companion wanted a divorce, Brad stated the following:  “Despite the fact that this makes me feel terrible, the safety of our children is the primary concern right now.

During this trying time, I respectfully request that the media allow them the room they need to do their business.”

Angelina said that she made the decision to end her marriage to Brad for the sake of the wellbeing of her children and that they were adjusting well and maintaining a healthy level of activity despite the dramatic shift in the dynamics of their family life.

Not long after she filed for divorce, she also requested that she be granted exclusive custody of the couple’s six children.

It was alleged that this happened after Brad had been investigated for child mistreatment after the couple’s son, Maddox, got in the middle of a physical altercation between his parents during a flight back to the United States after the family had been in Europe.

However, a source stated that there was no physical confrontation between Brad and Angelina and that it was only a parent-child verbal quarrel.

Angelina was ultimately granted custody of the children, but Brad was able to spend time with them during therapeutic visitations that were coordinated by the family’s counselor and carried out at his discretion, however, this tranquil situation did not last long, unfortunately.

Eventually, Brad sought more time with his children and shared custody. He also sought that the court filings be sealed so his custody struggle would be kept out of the public eye.

Eventually, Brad had a wonderful time spending time with his kids, and he even just started seeing a new lady.

Late in September of 2022, after finally having reached a point of contentment in his relationship with Angelina, Brad made the decision to start moving on. Brad has not been romantically connected with a large number of women; nonetheless, insiders have verified that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with Emily Ratajkowski.

An anonymous source said in September that Brad and Ratajkowski had been seen socializing together as pals.

The two of them liked spending time together despite the fact that their relationship was in its infancy stage at the time. “They enjoy each other and are eager to see where things go,” the source added, referring to the couple.

Because they were both going through difficult breakups at the time, Brad said that he sought to keep his connection with Ratajkowski under wraps as much as possible. According to a source, Brad had some reservations about Angelina, and the source revealed the following:

If he has a serious girlfriend, he is concerned that Angelina would continue to speak harshly of him in front of their children.

He also said that he was aware that she was going through a lot of turmoil as a result of her divorce, and he is aware that he is already dealing with enough drama on his own, so for the time being, their young relationship is “extremely informal.”

The fact that Brad’s ex-wife has lately started making claims against him again after finding out about his relationship with Ratajkowski demonstrates that his fears about his ex-wife responding negatively to his having a meaningful relationship were not completely misplaced.

Angelina Jolie is alleging, according to sources close to Brad, that he mistreated there kids once again, despite the fact that this accusation has been debunked on several occasions. The charges are having a detrimental impact on the connection that Brad has with his children.

The children are reported to have a “limited and troubled connection” with their father as a result of the frequent charges made by their mother.

Insiders think that it is even more troubling because despite Angelina’s repeated nasty statements about Brad, which have injured him, Brad has never once spoken an ugly word about Angelina in public.

According to reports, Angelina is intent on tarnishing both Brad’s public image and his connection with his children.

On the other hand, Brad is said to be completely concerned about his children and their well-being, and he is working hard to be the greatest father he can possibly be for them.

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