According to a source, King Charles desires for Prince Harry to be “Back in the Family” and “at the Coronation…”

There are less than one hundred days before the coronation of King Charles III, and it has been stated that he wants Prince Harry to attend.

Despite the fact that the royal family has not issued a statement in response to the publication of Harry’s memoir Spare, a source close to the royal household reveals that the new British monarch wants his younger son to attend the ceremony on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

“Because it is such a big time for Charles, it is likely that he will want his son to be there during the coronation so that he may see it for himself. He has expressed his desire to have Harry rejoin the family “according to the source.

“In the event that they are unable to resolve the issue, it will forever be associated with the reign of the King and the manner in which he has fractured his family. It is well known that he is an absentee dad, and it would be very unfortunate for him if that reputation were to endure.”

According to royal historian Robert Lacey, “In addition to [Charles’] parental wish to be reunited with his son, one of the responsibilities of the royal family is to demonstrate how to deal with the challenges that we all face in a manner that is compassionate and considerate.

It is not always reconciliation that will be successful for the family in the future but rather the mutual acceptance of differing perspectives and priorities held by each member of the family. There have been some extremely major conflicts between them.

But the Platinum Jubilee [in June 2022] and the funerals of the Queen and Prince Philip did illustrate that they were able to set aside their personal animosity for the sake of a greater goal, and this was a significant accomplishment “he points out, “And that is what everyone will be talking about during the coronation,”

An insider at the palace claims that Harry and Meghan will get an invitation to the coronation; but, a source close to the Sussexes claims that they have not yet received an invitation, and that there has been no progress toward reconciliation.

The original stance that Prince Harry had on the issue, according to the insider, has not changed at all. When asked in the past whether he will attend the coronation, he responded to ITV’s Tom Bradby last month by saying, “I hope so, between now and then, a lot of different things are possible to take place. However, as you well know, the door is never closed.

They now have control of the situation. There is a great deal that has to be spoken about, and I really hope that they are willing to get together and have a conversation about it.”

Given the current state of affairs, there is still a significant distance to go.

“The difficulty is that [the Sussexes] want a concession and apologies from the palace, but when’recollections differ,’ that’s rather tough,” says the close source.

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