According to the author of a book on the royal family, the fact that Prince Harry’s uniform lacked a symbol honoring the queen was a “Disappointment…”

The clothes that members of the royal family wore to Queen Elizabeth’s burial have been a matter of discussion, with one commentator describing them as a “disappointment” in the context of the celebration of the life of the queen.

Even though Prince Harry chose to dress more traditionally for the celebrations preceding his grandmother’s burial by donning a suit instead of his military uniform, an exception was granted so that he may wear the uniform on Saturday for the vigil together with the Queen’s eight grandchildren.

However, the uniform did not contain the “EIIR” sign, which stands for Elizabeth Regina, which literally translates to “Queen” in Latin.

“I believed it wasn’t essential to deprive Harry of his EIIR — it doesn’t look good, whatever the rights and wrongs of procedures,” the royal biographer said, “I’m sure all of them wouldn’t want the headlines to be about Harry and Meghan. There was complete consensus among them that today was not about that.”

Prince Harry, who had a career in the British Army that spanned 10 years and included two tours in Afghanistan, wore a suit to the state funeral and committal service that was held on Monday.

He also joined his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William, in the three processions that followed the Queen’s coffin during the service. Junor referred to the circumstances surrounding the burial as “simply amazing.”

She claims that the performance was “beautifully done” and that it “makes you happy to be British. It was the ideal combination of work and family.”

Despite the fact that the funeral services for the late monarch bring the royal family closer together, Junor reveals that it “broke her heart” to see Princes Harry and William engage with one another during the services.

“Once upon a time, they had the deepest love for one another. They did laugh and joke with one another and had a very physical relationship with one another. Suddenly, every single one of those things shifted. “

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