According to the newly released book written by Prince Harry, Prince William “knocked him to my knees…”

ok that William “knocked him to the floor” during an altercation at the Sussexes’ London house in 2019. This reportedly took place in 2019 as the brothers’ relationship continued to deteriorate.

According to reports, Harry adds in the book that William has been critical of Meghan, calling her “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive.”

According to the news sites, the book details how the incident continued to escalate with the brothers shouting at and insulting one another.

According to reports, Harry claims that he was terrified of his brother when the latter was angry with him and followed him around the home. According to the released portions, Harry says that William then grabbed him by the collar and tore his necklace before pushing him down to the ground. William then allegedly knocked Harry down.

“When I fell on the dog’s dish, it shattered beneath my weight, and the broken bits dug into my back.

In one of the excerpts from the book that have been made public, Harry writes, “I lay there for a time, bewildered.”

After that, Harry is said to have requested his brother to go, and according to the news sites, his brother did so after first encouraging Harry to fight back by hitting him.

According to the various news sites, William eventually came back and apologized, but the excerpt claims that he advised Harry not to inform Meghan about the supposed incident that occurred between them.

“‘You mean to tell me that you assaulted me” s and Willian responded with, “I didn’t assault you, Harold.”

According to the parts that have been made public, Harry claims in his writing that he originally discussed the alleged encounter with just his therapist.

When Harry is asked whether he would attend the coronation of his father, he responds that a lot may happen between now and then, and that “the ball is in their court.”

There is a great deal that has to be spoken about, and I really hope that they are willing to have a conversation about it.

Both Kensington Palace, which is William’s official residence, and Buckingham Palace, which is Charles’ official residence, have refused to comment on the charges that are made in the book.

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