Adorable Video: People are gushing over the adorable encouragement speeches that a 3 girl is giving while skiing after her father rigged up a microphone for her to wear…

Particularly when it’s snowing, Adia Leidums, who is three years old, likes going on adventures and giving herself motivational talks.

This little girl from Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, became a household name on the internet in 2021 when a video of her skiing while a microphone was attached to her helmet went viral on social media.

The video shows her cruising down the slopes of Fernie Alpine Resort with her father and exuding an air of self-assurance. It was possible to overhear the chatty youngster give herself a pep talk as she raced down the ice slopes and through the woods as she attempted to overcome all of the obstacles.

The decision to upload the footage to the internet was made by Adia’s parents, Courtney Haeusler and Erich Leidums.

Going over you like ice, she was overheard saying throughout the conversation. “Ice, let me go around you,” she said.

As she approached a slope, she gave herself the instruction to “walk like a duck.” Erich, her father, got the idea to put a microphone on Adia from a hockey parent who mic’d up his son when they were practicing a few years back.

Erich decided to put the microphone on Adia. He came to the conclusion that it was essential to capture Adia’s self-talk as well since the boy’s story and internal monologue were so lovable to listen to.

Erich said, “When I was using my GoPro without the mic, I would try to get closer to her, and when she fell and got up, she’d have something to say to the camera.” When she speaks, the microphone picks up every word perfectly. When you sigh, laugh, or giggle, you have a really endearing quality about you.”

Despite the fact that the hills were terrifying, Adia’s natural curiosity remained unabated. She yelled out, “Hi, one-eyed monster!” as she skied by a cutout of a one-eyed monster that was mounted on a tree.

She crashed to the ground as a direct consequence of the momentary setback, but this youngster is a fighter. She quickly coughed out the muck and snow that had gotten stuck in her throat and pulled herself up as if nothing had occurred. She did not make a big deal out of the incident.

She said, “I think that was a lovely fall,” just before resuming her descent down the hill. “This is the path to take!”

The video of Adia skiing that was uploaded to TikTok has been seen millions of times. The kid was lauded by viewers not just for her prowess on the slopes but also for her ability to convey her thoughts verbally.

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