Adorable Video: The rescued dog is always keeping his paw on his new owner to ensure that he won’t ever be abandoned again…

A little bit of love may go a long way, and it may be all that is required to turn a timid and fearful puppy into an endearing and trustworthy friend. To illustrate this point, Sam Clarence obtained Stanley from a bull breed rescue organization in Christchurch, New Zealand, and named him Stanley.

When the stray puppy was just about six months old, he and his sibling and mother were found living on an abandoned property. They had been there for quite some time.

The local animal shelter invited Clarence, who works there as a dog walker, to temporarily take care of and raise one of the pups in their care. He had no idea that this feisty tiny creature would one day become his most faithful friend.

Although Clarence experienced love at first sight, Stanley did not have the same good fortune. Due to the dog’s extreme rates of fear, even the act of getting out of the automobile took him a whole hour.

Clarence did not leave his side during the process, aiding him in adapting to his new environment as well as his new living quarters. Because of the confidence that he had acquired from him, the two of them were able to interact without touching.

When Stanley was laying behind Clarence, he would always have at least one of his paws on Clarence’s back and when they embark on trips together that include driving, the dog makes it a point to always have at least one paw on him.

If Clarence moves, then Stanley will also move. Stanley is an exceptionally loving dog that displays his warmth in a consistent manner at all times.

Stanley has overcome his fear and is no longer timid. He is overjoyed with his new existence and the care that is being shown to him, especially Clarence, whom he adores.

This dog, which used to be a scared and reserved puppy, has matured into a “Velcro dog” that is friendly and outgoing.

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