After 27 years of service, a Burger King employee was given nothing more than a gift bag by the company. Then, his daughter decided to speak up and it changed his life forever…

Recently, a Burger King worker reached the milestone of 27 years of service to the quick-service restaurant business. And what did he get from the company in exchange for his services? a goodie bag.

Even though it is clear that the worker is experiencing a great deal of disappointment at the moment, he continues to express gratitude for his position. The main character of this story is Kevin Ford, who works as a cashier and chef at a Burger King in Las Vegas.

He is 54 years old. When asked how his employer had chosen to mark his anniversary, he proudly exhibited the gift bag that included all of the presents. Even if he finds it quite uninteresting, he unquestionably acknowledges his gratitude for the gift that was given to him.

While he was speaking about the GoFundMe page that his daughter had established for him, he found himself overcome with emotion. And the primary objective of the fund-raising effort was to allow him to go to Texas to see his grandkids.

Over 340,000 dollars have been successfully raised thanks to this website. Kevin has indicated that he would prefer to use this money toward the purchase of a brand-new hybrid car made in the United States.

Burger King did issue a statement to this effect, which read as follows: “The BK Brand and its numerous franchisees countrywide are dedicated to recognizing and honoring the achievements of the thousands of workers serving in a variety of jobs and all committed to giving our guests an experience that is first-class.

After doing an analysis of the franchise for this area, our team came across a video in which a Team Member is seen being awarded a peer-to-peer reward in recognition of a recent, successful performance or great experience.

The franchisee offers its Team Members with an all-encompassing employee appreciation program that includes both the recognition of tenure milestones and the provision of monetary awards.”

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