After a female news anchor was fired for allowing her hair to become gray, the internet took action…

Lisa LaFlamme, a female news anchor for CTV, has took the choice to stop coloring her hair and instead let it gradually become gray over time. However, she claims that it caused her to lose her job. Therefore, people all across the internet decided to take a stance.

She describes how she was “caught off guard” by the decision and how she is “still in disbelief.”

Following the announcement of this decision, a significant number of users took to social media to show support for her. They took a stand for the proposition that this was not just and was especially harsh to women of a certain age.

Lisa LaFlamme is 62 years old, and she ought to be free to exercise her right to choose whether or not to style her hair in its natural state. The fact that a woman’s physical appearance might determine the success or failure of her TV career is unfortunately a challenge that women face.

In demonstration of solidarity with the CTV female news presenter, internet users really started the hashtag #KeepTheGrey. They want to offer her support even though she is going through a difficult time.

Now, a lot of women are uploading pictures of themselves on social media with their gray hair to reassure the news anchor that she is not the only one who has taken this choice and that she is not alone. Even corporations are showing a significant amount of support.

To express their support, Wendy’s even modified the hue of the kid emblem so that they now had gray hair.

There have been podcasters among the ladies who have been showered with words of positivity in response to this move. Having said that, this is a matter that should be discussed. When it comes to making this choice, women should not be prejudiced against in any way.

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