After a group of teenagers ‘ignore’ the old woman’s efforts at conversation, a man sits down to eat with her…

A selfless act performed by an unknown person has the power to constantly move people to tears. This is precisely what took place when a regular photo uploaded to a social networking website became completely viral.

Amanda Marquell Craft, a teacher in Nobelsville, Indiana, went to McDonald’s for lunch with her coworkers the week before last. They were dining when they became aware that several younger males were ignoring an older lady who had approached their table.

Nevertheless, this was not what drew Amanda’s attention to the situation. What really took her breath away was when another older lady went over to a young guy sitting at the table next to them and asked if she might eat with him.

He made room gladly for the woman’s meal and enthusiastically informed her that they could share the table.

Amanda was genuinely taken aback and moved by what she saw, so she snapped a photo of the two of them and ultimately shared it on Facebook.

The young man’s pals spotted the post and continued to tag him, which led to his identity being revealed in the end.

His name was Eric Haralson, and he was recognized as a twenty-eight-year-old guy with a large heart for helping strangers, particularly older people. During the course of their lunch together, Eric and the old lady, whose name was Jan, engaged in lively conversation for around forty-five minutes.

They discussed a wide range of topics, and Eric did not display the least bit of reluctance when it came to sharing his private life with her. He discussed his partner, children, and the role he plays in the church that they attend.

They had such a pleasant meal together and chat that they decided to trade phone numbers afterward. Eric also said that he did not know whether she had other people in her life that accompanied her, but that he intended to stay in contact with her as much as he possibly can.

In all honesty, Eric Haralson’s behavior serves as a wonderful model of consideration and decency. It takes a special kind of person to have the kind of compassion and bravery that he showed for the elderly woman.

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