After a video of him doing his schoolwork in the streetlight went viral, a surprise was waiting for the poor kid that he could have only dreamt of…

Photographs taken from a security camera in Moche, Peru, show a little boy named Victor Martin Angulo Córdoba working diligently but unsuccessfully to do his schoolwork beneath a low streetlight.

Since the boy’s family did not have enough money to pay for power at their house, he was forced to do his assignments outside by the side of the road with the aid of a streetlight.

The young man was determined to complete his assignments in spite of the challenging circumstances he was facing. Since the video clip went viral on the internet, Victor has attracted the attention of numerous organizations that are interested in assisting his family with their current financial crisis.

After hearing about Victor, one billionaire traveled all the way to Peru in order to make a positive difference in Vctor’s life. He has expanded Victor’s house such that it now has two levels.

The billionaire has promised to create a computer lab in Victor’s school and has said that he would assist Victor’s mother in launching her own company. He has also stated that he will assist in the reconstruction of the boy’s neighborhood school.

According to him, he, too, had a modest upbringing, not unlike to that of Victor. He has high expectations that Victor and his family would benefit greatly from having him on their side in the years to come.

As for Victor, he owes this person nothing but the utmost appreciation forever and always. “Thank you very much for helping us construct our school,” was what he stated in response to the assistance that was being provided.

“I am grateful to the individuals that are interested in helping me construct my home. I am really grateful to them for their thoughtfulness and the fact that they took the time to visit my little abode since this is not something that just anyone would do.

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