After an elderly lady condemns a guy not to “bash piano,” the man sits down and makes her regret what she said…

Everyone was taught, when they were younger, to have reverence for their elders and to pay attention to what elderly people have to say since they have accumulated a lot more life experience and are more knowledgeable.

But a street pianist had to demonstrate that the elderly lady was erroneous in her assumption that he was playing the instrument in the worst manner possible after she publicly reprimanded him in public for “bashing” the piano.

The old lady continually criticized the street musician for his playing technique, but he avoided getting into a dispute with her to prevent more criticism.

On the basis of the video that was published in 2018, the grandmother can be seen carrying music sheets in her luggage, which leads one to speculate that she was a piano instructor and that she encouraged her pupils to play in a traditional way.

The lady even yelled at the guy playing the piano on the street and suggested that he should take some piano lessons or watch videos of how other people play the piano so that he might pick up some pointers and insights.

On the other hand, it is well known that one of the most talented musicians in the history of the world once shattered a piano by repeatedly pounding on the keys of the instrument. It is said that Beethoven shattered a lot of pianos by beating on them, therefore he had to replace several of them.

Because his hearing was deteriorating, he needed the instrument to be “louder” in order for him to continue composing music.

If a pianist enjoys playing boogie-woogie music, a more current playing style that involves pounding the piano is not considered to be a terrible playing style. In the 1870s, this playing technique came into being and became quite popular in Texas barrelhouses.

The lady in the video did not realize that the guy she was criticizing was really a well-known boogie-woogie pianist until after the incident was captured on tape.

Brendan Kavanagh, sometimes known as DrKBoogieWoogie, is a boogie-woogie pianist, musician, and piano instructor based in the United Kingdom. He is well-known for promoting boogie-woogie music, which he plays often in public places like the shopping mall that is shown in the viral video.

Since 2007, Kavanagh has been offering his services as an online piano instructor, and he has gathered more than 1.95 million followers on YouTube because to the distinctive manner in which he plays the piano.

He was a youngster when he first became aware of boogie-woogie, and he learnt the style from the great Hammy Howell.

Before Kavanagh became an internet celebrity, he was a secondary school teacher in England and Ireland, where he instructed students in the subjects of English and Literature. He was disillusioned with the teaching profession, which led to his leaving the profession.

His experiences in the school system inspired him to create the book “Toxic Teaching,” which is an exposé of those experiences. After abandoning the world of regular education, Kavanagh made the decision to concentrate on performing while also instructing students in the boogie-woogie music style.

In order to draw attention to his particular specialization, Kavanagh was required to organize a variety of public performances, which he might do on the streets, in shopping malls, or even at airports and railway stations. After posting videos of his performances on YouTube, he quickly gained a following on the internet.

He would sometimes broadcast his public appearances in real time via live stream.

While this was going on, a number of viewers of Kavanagh’s video on YouTube—which has already received more than 14 million views—remarked that the experience brought back memories of their own piano instructors, while others praised Kavanagh’s exceptional playing technique.

They wrote that: “I had an instructor much like this while I was taking piano lessons; as a result, I quit after a few years and switched to guitar so that I could perform more modern music.”

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