After arriving home from kindergarten, a little boy of 5 years old decided it was time to provide his mother his sincere feedback on the lunch she had cooked for him…

Ricki Weisberg, a mother from Pennsylvania, shared a video on her blog in which her son Abe Ndege provided feedback on the sandwich that his mother had prepared for lunch.

The video was just 11 seconds long, yet only one week after it was released, it had been seen a total of 13 million times.

In the video, Abe is seen getting off the school bus as her mother congratulates him and exclaims, “Hey, you did it!” Unhappily, the little youngster is more concerned in providing his mother with an honest but critical assessment of the meal.

Abe comments, “By the way, it was a terrible sandwich.” Even if his mother appreciates the fact that he informed her, the little child acts as though this isn’t satisfactory to him in any way.

By using the phrase “very dreadful,” he ensures that his mother is aware of how serious the situation was. People were curious as to what exactly was on Abe’s sandwich that caused him to be so dissatisfied after reading his very critical assessment of the dish.

Weisberg said that she often feeds his son peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but due to the prevalence of peanut allergies among children, she was unable to send him any food containing peanuts.

As a result, she only prepared a sandwich with butter and jelly and then kept her fingers crossed, hoping that her kid would like it. The strange flavor of the child’s food prevented him from fully appreciating it.

Weisberg said that she had to leave work early that day in order to check on her son’s progress on his first day of school.

She had anticipated that he would be pleased with himself and proud of his accomplishments, so it came as quite a surprise to her when he instead chose to make a cutting comment about his meal rather than discuss school.

She said that she laughed along with everyone else “Being a mother is so challenging, and you always want to present the best possible image, but I love that I can share my mom-fail with the world, and perhaps, it helps other mothers feel a little bit better,” Weisberg said.

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