After being apart for 55 years, a couple finds each other again and realizes that their love for one other has not changed and wants to…

Mary and Raymond first crossed paths when they were just about 18 and 19 years old respectively. Mary moved from Brazil to Belgium as a result of a work transfer made by her father.

She went on to complete her studies at an art school in Lausanne, which is situated in Switzerland and this is where Mary, when she was a young girl, had her first experience with Raymond.

“A lovely young guy kept gazing at me when I signed up for the institution,” Mary said, “I finally had the courage to invite him to join me for coffee. I’m glad I did.”

Soon they began dating, however, their love only lasted for a little over half a year until Mary was had to go back to the nation where she was born.

The two carried on their written exchanges for an extra half a year, but because of the great distance that separated them, it was difficult for them to have a genuine connection.

As a result, not much longer after that, they lost interest, and they chose to cease talking to one another in person.

A significant amount of time has gone since then; since then, Raymond has also moved on and married someone else, and Mary has married Samuel, with whom she has two children and with whom she was married for 16 years before being divorced.

Mary had been married three times, so when she reached 70, she made the choice that she did not want to have any more contact with men in any capacity. In spite of this, it wasn’t until a few years later that she received a letter from Raymond asking for her 55 years after their original relationship ended.

After coming upon an old present that Mary had given him in a drawer, Raymond made up his mind to see Mary despite the fact that he was still married.

Raymond was able to track out Mary’s address and write her the letter that would change the course of their lives in an irrevocable way because to his dogged determination.

One week after their large family reunion, the couple made the decision to be married since it was such a fantastic and joyous experience overall.

“We want to live in the here and now, gladly, and as a couple. Love never grows old. “

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