After being blindfolded and placed in a patrol car, the school janitor cries when she realizes where she has been taken…

The four years spent in high school are some of the most formative years for a teenager, and the relations you have with the people around you have a significant influence on who you become.

That is just what Brenda Hurst did in the situation. At Boiling Springs High School, Hurst is well-liked and respected in his role as head janitor.

She has had a great impression on a large number of the pupils at the school, notably Alexis Ork, who is now serving as the president of the student body.

When Ork found out that Hurst’s family house had been destroyed in a fire, she immediately felt that she needed to assist the lady who had assisted her on so many occasions.

Ork and the rest of the community decided to help the courageous lady restore her house by recruiting assistance from the student council and the Carpenters of Christ. Ork shared, “She transformed my life, and I’m pleased that I was a part in changing hers for the better.”

One year later, the home was finally built, and the party got underway soon after.

A significant event took occurred, and it began with a police car transporting Hurst along the street leading to her previous residence.

A huge group of people gathered around a blue bus that had been positioned in front of the newly constructed house to hide it from public view.

As soon as Hurst took the blindfold from her eyes, she was able to see that her neighbors and friends had gathered around her to show their support. Hurst shed tears as she explored her brand-new home for the first time.

The walk-in closet was one of the features of her new home that she enjoyed using the most. She walked inside and started dancing in it as soon as she saw it.

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