After divorce from Shakira, Pique has said that he is “happy” and that he is not concerned with “cleaning up” his image…

Gerard Piqué has no regrets. The soccer star and businessman has made it quite apparent that the wellbeing of his children and his own contentment are his top priorities.

He discussed this new phase in his career and life in an interview, in addition, he discussed his past relationship with Shakira as well as the media storm that has engulfed his life since since the two of them went their separate ways.

Piqué was unable to avoid questions about Shakira even though the majority of the interview focused on his career in sports and his accomplishments in those sports.

Piqué quickly deflected the issue and only began to talk about the well-being of his children after doing so, “I will not say it because I do not want to. He said that it is everyone’s obligation to act in a way that is beneficial to their children. It’s about safeguarding them. It is the responsibility that each and every parent has with their children.

That is where my attention is concentrated, and that is the part that I play as a parent.

Piqué has also made it abundantly apparent that he is not concerned with the picture that the media has portrayed of him following the breakup of his relationship. “The issue is not how things really are, but rather how individuals and the media portray them.

I’m still acting in accordance with my own desires,” he said. “I want to be loyal to the person that I am.

I’m not going to squander money trying to improve my reputation. Those who are familiar with me are the ones that I care about the most and love the most. The rest of it is irrelevant to me.

I’m focusing my efforts and resources on the individuals who are most important to me, and I’m sharing what I have with them. I have a lot of joy. My life has gone through several transitions, and I’ve learned how to maintain the satisfaction that it brings.

One of the shifts that he’s been through is the choice to end his career as a soccer player and part ways with Barcelona F.C., the club for whom he spent the majority of his playing time throughout his professional career.

“I have to tell you the truth. I just lacked the necessary motivation. I was looking for new challenges, and I realized that the importance of my team wasn’t what it used to be. He stated, “I wasn’t having a good time at all.”

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