After Donnie Wahlberg fought his ex-wife for custody of their children, the children have distanced themselves from their father and his fame…

Donnie Wahlberg is one of the most well-known music legends in the world, and he takes pleasure in the attention that comes with his celebrity status. On the other hand, the singer’s children, and notably his first son, have said that they want nothing to do with their famous father’s career.

The singer is also a devoted parent to his two boys, whom he shares with Kimberly Fey, the woman he was previously married to. In 1993, when Donnie was just 23 years old, the couple had their first child, a boy named Alexander.

The arrival of Alexander altered everything for the show business star and put him on the proper road. At the time, the songwriter was on the more rebellious end of the spectrum. A few years after Alexander was born, it looked as if Donnie was heading in the right direction.

He eventually tied the knot with Fey, and in 2001, after the couple had been married for two years, they became parents to their second kid, Elijah.

The 4 of them had a happy life together, and Donnie did all he could to be a wonderful parent to his kids, however, in 2008, his paternity was put to the test in a significant way.

After nearly nine years of marriage, Fey filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason for her decision. In addition, the court filings indicate that she was requesting full custody of their two children at the time of the hearing.

In point of fact, Donnie went through a challenging period during which he struggled to guarantee that he could see his children.

A confidential out-of-court settlement between the producer and his ex-wife was eventually reached and finalized in a courthouse in Ventura County.

After more than a decade has passed, the exes’ children are all grown up and on their own. But Alexander and Elijah are seldom seen in public, and there is a good reason for this.

Donnie’s children stressed the importance of maintaining their privacy, and their dad did his best to accommodate their requests.

Donnie took great care, even during an interview for the year 2020, to avoid mentioning his elder son Alexander by name or revealing any other personal information about him for fear that Alexander would get angry with him.

The only other information that little Donnie could provide about his kid was that he had a talent for music and played in a band. On the other hand, the singer was somewhat less secretive about his relationship with Elijah while still keeping a certain degree of secrecy.





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