After dressing up as Tony Stark for Halloween, the boy’s mother received a devastating phone call from the boy’s school…

Evan Struckman, who was 10 years old at the time, was “over the top delighted about his costume” when he went to school dressed up as Tony Stark for the Halloween class party that his mother Jill Struckman sent him to.

Robert Downey Jr., an actor, portrays the Marvel Comics character Tony Stark/Iron Man in the movies based on the Marvel Avengers. And Evan did an outstanding job with the outfit!

“Getting dressed up is one of Evan’s favorite things to do, and he was really pleased about it that day,” she stated. “Because he smiled so much, it was difficult to apply his makeup in a straight line,” the makeup artist said.

Imagine, then, the devastation that Jill felt when, twenty minutes later, the school informed her that Evan had arrived at school in tears after getting off the bus.

It would seem that as Evan got on the school bus, several of the other students made fun of his outfit. And the remarks of the haters completely blasted Evan’s confidence out of the water.

After speaking to Evan on the phone and finding out how distraught he was, Jill made the decision to pick him up. She cheered him on and pushed him to go out his thoughts as she took him out to Starbucks.

Evan came to a truly enlightened realization after being given the chance to reflect and after receiving encouragement from his mother. The little boy, who was just 10 years old, refused to allow a few harsh words ruin his happiness.

He made the decision to go back to school while dressed in a costume for Halloween. In addition, a report from his mother indicated that he had a wonderful time.

Additionally, when more and more people heard about how her kid was tormented for dressing up for Halloween, generous individuals contacted out to offer to give Evan toys and money.

However, Jill said, “I think it’s wonderful how kind people are, BUT Evan really doesn’t need it, if you want to give anything, please give it to a charity or simply perform a nice deed instead, since I’d really appreciate it.

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