After Getting a Breathtaking Makeover, a Woman Who Is 69 Years Old Looks Decades Younger…

Linda, who was then 69 years old and originally from the Republic of Panama, was one of the women who felt she deserved a makeover. Back in 2018, she made the trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to see Christopher Hopkins, also known as The Makeover Guy, in the hopes of turning her fantasy become a reality.

The video of her makeover, which was uploaded in 2018, is presently one of the most popular ones on the channel, with over 1.8 million views.

She most likely had no idea that Hopkins could make her seem many years younger than she really was.

He engaged her in conversation about her life and inquired as to the motivation behind her want to change her appearance. Hopkins was probably able to discern that she desired a makeover to give her a mental boost.

“Just to feel revived and have a wonderful time,” she expressed her motivations and went on to convey her enthusiasm about the upcoming makeover, for which she had come to another country specifically, “I am so delighted, I can’t believe it,” she said with a smile on her face. I’ve been laughing all morning!”

Before she went in for the makeover, the producer questioned her about whether or not there was anything that was on her mind that was related to the makeover that she did not want to see.

Linda said: “No. I simply want him to make sure that I look my very best at all times,” Before Hopkins started working his magic, the two had a rousing conversation about everything under the sun. After making the decision to give her blonde locks, he started working on her hair. He desired that her daring nature be reflected in her daring hair.

Although it was a big adjustment for Linda, it seems like the decision she made was the best one in the long run.

After all was said and done, Linda was able to take her first look at her improved self. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She sported a stunning appearance. She was really blown away by the incredible job that Hopkins and his stylists had accomplished.

It was definitely worth the effort to go all the way from Panama to Minneapolis.

“Wonderful. Refreshed. Younger.” Those were the first three things that Linda spoke in her post-makeover confessional after she had her makeover. She responded that it was even better than she had hoped for when the producer questioned whether or not it was all she had hoped for.

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