After giving a kidney to a close friend, a guy intends to give a portion of his liver to a child who is now undergoing treatment in intensive care…

Donating an organ to someone is the ultimate act of kindness since it is equivalent to giving that person a second chance at life.

Josh Harrold, a man from Southern California, made the ultimate contribution to the health of his closest friend by donating a kidney to him. Now he is taking it one step further; Harrold has the intention of donating a portion of his liver to a little girl who is in critical condition.

The feeling of being unable to assist loved ones who are through difficult medical circumstances inspired him to want to be of assistance to others. His wife Erica was diagnosed with a brain tumor nine years ago, and the majority of the medical community gave a grim prognosis for her condition.

He said that “every neurosurgeon we saw on our travels apologized to us for our ordeal. It is not possible to operate on your tumor.

It’s possible that you have two to four years left to live. Chemotherapy is the only treatment option at this point, however, when we arrived at USC, the neurosurgeon said, “Yeah, let’s go ahead and do it.”

Harrold was motivated to want to be a part of the positive news that physicians brought to patients as a result of the fact that Erica’s operation and recovery were successful. When his buddy Kelly Van Den Berghe, who resides in Santa Cruz, needed a kidney in 2017, he promptly performed what was required of him.

Van Den Berghe suffered from polycystic kidney disease, which, if the patient does not get a kidney transplant, almost always results in a lifetime of needing dialysis treatment.

He said, “I was just like, ‘Erica, did you chance to see Kelly’s post?'” And Erica gave me a questioning look before asking, “You want to do it, don’t you?”

Even though he gave up one of his kidneys, Harrold’s work was far from over. It was discovered that his daughter had been born prematurely and only weighed 2 pounds and 14 ounces when she was finally delivered.

He saw the anguish that families went through as they waited for organ donors for their children when she was hospitalized for eight weeks in the neonatal critical care unit. At that point, Harrold came to the conclusion that he wanted to participate in the donor program at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

And thus, many years after donating a kidney, Harrold is now planning to give around 25 percent of his liver to a girl who is less than one year old. The recipient is an unknown.

He said, “I went in for a series of testing, and fortunately, everything matched out.” It would seem that I am the ideal companion for this little one. ”

Harrold is demonstrating, for the second time, that organ donation is the ultimate gift, a lifeline to individuals who were beginning to fear that they did not have much longer to live.

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