After going through two unsuccessful marriages, the actor Richard Gere finally found love with the Spanish campaigner Alejandra Silva, with whose family he was familiar when she was still…

The story of the actor and his wife started several years before they were officially a couple. It has been alleged that Gere was a family friend of Silva’s family when she was younger. They crossed paths once again in the year 2014 at a hotel in Italy that Silva managed.

They had previously crossed paths, but a mutual acquaintance reintroduced them, and from that moment on, they were inseparable.

The couple tied the knot in April 2018 and had their first child, Alexander, in February 2019, followed by their second child in April 2020.

Both of them had children from prior relationships; Gere and his former wife, the actress Carey Lowell, are parents of a boy named Homer James Jigme.

Despite having occupations that put them in the public eye, the couple chooses to live a quiet life and often escapes to their ranch in Pound Ridge, New York State. This is also the location of their wedding, and it is said that they live a healthy and pleasant life there.

Fans have been wondering for a long time about Gere’s new family, but the actor from “Pretty Woman” has made the decision to keep as much of his personal life secret as he can.

On the other hand, Silva and his wife offered fans a sneak peak of their kid and of the Halloween decorations they had put up in their backyard this past Halloween.

Even after three decades have passed since his performance in the 1980 film “American Gigolo,” in which he seemed very well groomed and trendy, Gere has not lost any of his charisma.

In August, a day before his 73rd birthday, he went out looking stylish and young, and he did not look anything like his age.

Even though he is 73 years old, he still takes pleasure in maintaining an active profession.

He is now working on two significant film projects that will be released very soon, one of which is the forthcoming comedy picture “Maybe I Do.” When asked how he manages to maintain such a youthful appearance at the age of 73, Gere said, “I suppose having young kids helps.”

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