After Grandmother promised to send one as a sign after her death, a Cardinal pays a visit to the family

A heartwarming video of a Cardinal bird visiting a bereaved family has been dubbed a “miracle” after the family disclosed that their grandma promised to bring one as a message after she died.

Angela Abbott Patteson shared a cute video of her family’s reaction to the bird as well as the bird’s unusual but welcome visit. A red cardinal perches on the shoulder of one of the women and refuses to go. Even after being yelled at, the bird returns to sit on her shoulder.

Patteson published the video on Facebook and explained why the appearance of the bird was so emotional for everyone:

“This is incredible—as many of you know, my husband’s grandma Dorothy Booth passed away two weeks ago (she was 97).”

“For the past few years, my mother-in-law Debbie and her sister Jeanne have talked to Grandma and begged her on multiple occasions (when it was her time to leave this world) to give them a sign once she was in heaven, and they especially requested that a cardinal be involved.”
“Aunt Jeanne prayed as well that the Lord would accomplish it in a way that they would never have dreamt of.” God answered that request yesterday, the day after Grandma’s funeral service and hours after they had been discussing it, when they were playing Grandma’s favorite card game, “Canasta”!

“They heard something outside the kitchen window, so my father-in-law, Brian, went out to investigate.” There was a cardinal nearby, and he was able to bring it inside. They hugged and petted it for 10 minutes before going outside to let it go. Here’s a little video of this incredible event and what occurs next! (The bird flew away 10 minutes later.) “You must keep an eye on it!”

The video has gained millions of views since it was posted, and the family is thrilled by the enthusiastic comments about their “cardinal miracle.” “How incredible that this beautiful tale has affected so many and gone viral!” Patteson commented.

It’s incredible and lovely to watch, and it’s proof that we’re all connected in weird and wondrous ways.

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